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    30 New Gorgeous Text Effects Adobe Photoshop Tutorials 2017

    Here is a collection of best text effects Photoshop tutorials 2017. Text effects are often used in print or television campaigns and are popular because they literally stand out on the page or screen. Here in this collection, we are showcasing 30 excellent tutorials on creating beautiful text effects using a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. These tutorials […]

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    10 Best Free Email Clients for Windows 10, Mac, Linux, Android, Windows 7

    Web-based email services such as Gmail and Outlook give excellent email access and apps for smartphone and tablets. However, many people use more than one email accounts to access the internet for different purposes like social media, educational, newsletter subscription and professional business email. So that, they want to manage their all email accounts in […]

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    15 Real Life Disney Cartoon Characters Lookalikes

    Here, we gathered some of your favourites Disney animations films cartoon characters totally lookalike. Scroll through the list below for more Disney cartoon characters who are actually real. This Ukrainian Judge Looks Like Ursula From Little Mermaid This Old Man Looks Like Carl From Up This Person Looks Like Linguini From Ratatouille Khal Drogo Looks Like […]

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    The Man Who Accurately Recreates Portraits of His Ancestors

    Lima-based artist and photographer Christian Fuchs spends months painstakingly recreating portraits of his illustrious ancestors. He dresses up as his ancestors whether they were men or women. Let’s take a look at  Christian Fuchs’ collection of recreations of past family portraits below.     Christian Fuchs: Lens Culture | The Harts Gallery, h/t: So Bad So Good

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    Selena Gomez is Selling Her $3M House – Take a Look Inside

    Selena Gomez is moving out of this massive 10,000-square-foot resort-style home in her home state of Texas. According to Trulia, the property, which recently hit the market at $3 million, is located in Fort Worth’s coveted neighbourhood of Montserrat and sits on more than one-and-a-half acres of land, which includes a full tennis court, swimming […]

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    17 Cute and Funny Melting Animal Photos

    A collection of animals melting photos. Some animals melt to disguise themselves, others melt involuntarily while sleeping. Let’s take a look at these funny animal pictures. Hamsters Melting Apparently, Owls Melt In Direct Sunlight This Bird Just Melted In My Palm Cat Just Melted Cat Puddle Ducks Will Start To Melt At 90° F Dali […]

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    Top 10 Cheap Web Hosting 2017‎

    Top 10 Cheap Web Hosting List

    If you are building a website first time or migrating from another web host, you should find the best web hosting provider with cheap price. Here is a list of best performing 2017 top ten web cheap hosting services that are based on reliable service and adorable cheap price offered. The following top ten list based on […]

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    10 Free WordPress Plugins to Add Animation Effects for Website

    Beautiful animation effects like smooth scrolling and CSS animations can give attention to your WordPress website. Here is a list of ten free WordPress plugins you can use to add a variety of animation effects to your website. 1. Animate It With Animate It WordPress plugin, you can easily add CSS3 animations to your site. The plugin combines […]