16 jQuery Infinite Scroll Plugin

Infinite scrolling is a new interface technique to retain your users on a single page of a website. the web page just keeps loading with new items attached to the end. Infinite scrolling popularity and use of social media sites, sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and many more. In this post, we are sharing with you a free premium jQuery scrolling plugin collection that can help you implement endless scrolling system on your website.


Infinite Scroll

This demo uses the jQuery Masonry plugin together with the Infinite Scroll plugin. The Masonry plugin really is good for obtaining fluid layouts definately recommend it for that.



infini scroll

infiniScroll was written as a jQuery plugin. It works for blog posts… but will work for anything where you scroll to get more data. Just like Twitter.com, Facebook status messages, etc.



Infinite Pages

Infinite Pages was designed for displaying large pieces of HTML data in more manageable chunks. It implements an ‘infinite scroll’ mechanism to load data, so the reader doesn’t have to load enourmous amounts of text / images onto the page all at once.



jQuery ScrollPagination

jQuery ScrollPagination plugin has been developed by Anderson Ferminiano for studying purposes, you may use it for free in any project you want, please maintain the credits.



Create Infinite scroll effect using jQuery

This tutorial teach you how to create infinite scroll effect using jQuery



jQuery Infinite Scroll

jQuery plugin that provides a basic mechanism for triggering more results to be loaded when the bottom of the page is reached. It’s simple and designed not to get in the way. In addition to working on all major browsers, it supports iScroll (for scrolling content on iOS devices).



jScroll is a jQuery plugin for infinite scrolling, written by Philip Klauzinski. Infinite scrolling; also known as lazy loading, endless scrolling, autopager, endless pages, etc.; is the ability to load content via AJAX within the current page or content area as you scroll down.


jQuery esn autobrowse

This plugin adds automatic ajax loading of page content when the user scrolls the page, with built-in browser cache.


Infinite Ajax Scroll, a jQuery plugin

Infinite Ajax Scroll is an open-source jQuery plugin that turns your existing pagination into an infinite scrolling one, with ease.



Twitter-style triggered infinite scroll

This plugin aims to progressively enhance your page. Your navigation/pagination elements should be present in the HTML for non-js users, but the plugin will utilize those links to build out a more rich browsing experience.



Load Content While Scrolling With jQuery

This Ajax auto content loading can very be handy in almost every project. It loads the extra content once you reach the bottom of the page.



Screw – A jQuery Plugin

Screw, a word I re-coined from scroll + view, is a jQuery plugin which loads HTML as a user scrolls the webpage. Screw will help you save bandwidth by only loading content as it is scrolled into view



Unlimited Scroll using the Twitter API

This is a great technique that could be used on loads of websites. Instead of the regular pagination, where the user has to click to see the next page, unlimited scroll automatically loads the next page when the user is at the bottom.



jQuery onScrollBeyond and scrollExtend plugins

The scrollExtend plugin is designed to automatically load new content at the bottom of the screen (by appending to a DOM element) when the user scrolls beyond the element, much like Facebook does with their status updates.



Infinite scroll

This plugin aims to progressively enhance your page. Your navigation/pagination elements should be present in the HTML for non-js users, but the plugin will utilize those links to build out a more rich browsing experience.



Endless Scroll

Endless Scroll not only helps you build highly customizable infinite scrolling effects, it also offers features not commonly seen.



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