20 Children’s Hilariously Inappropriate Spelling Mistakes

Kids are a never-ending source of joy – if not for their boundless energy and joy, then for the hilarious and obliviously inappropriate things that they say and do. These 20 images are hilarious because of the fact that the kids probably have no idea just how raunchy they’re being.

My Whole Family

funny-children-mistakes-5 My Whole Family

Image credits: imgur.com


Best Cook

funny-children-mistakes-1 Best Cook

Image credits: white-orchid



funny-children-mistakes-3 Math

Image credits: odalaigh



funny-children-mistakes-4 Virginia

Image credits: draftermath



funny-children-mistakes-5 Horse

Image credits: laughingninja.com


I Come In Peace

funny-children-mistakes-6 I Come In Peace

Image credits: twitter.com


My Goat Is In A Pen

funny-children-mistakes-7 My Goat Is In A Pen

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funny-children-mistakes-8 Tights

Image credits: rbrown34



funny-children-mistakes-9 Santa

Image credits: break.com



funny-children-mistakes-6 Shirt

Image credits: Amanda Da Bast



funny-children-mistakes-11 Peanuts

Image credits: gudatspelling


You Can’t Catch Me

funny-children-mistakes-12You Can’t Catch Me

Image credits: deanparry85


Come With Me

funny-children-mistakes-7Come With Me

Image credits: imgur.com


I Like Pencils

funny-children-mistakes-15I Like Pencils

Image credits: buzzfeed.com


Happy Birthday Kurt

funny-children-mistakes-21Happy Birthday Kurt

Image credits: RhphotoG


Chum Bucket

funny-children-mistakes-16Chum Bucket

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Image credits: buzzfeed.com


The Beach

funny-children-mistakes-18The Beach

Image credits: buzzfeed.com


Abraham Lincoln

funny-children-mistakes-24Abraham Lincoln

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Image credits: imgur.com


Your House

funny-children-mistakes-19Your House

Image credits: twitter.com