Dad-Of-Six Turns His Baby Into Adorable Elf On The Shelf

Utah’s dad-of-six Alan Lawrence decided to take the famous Elf on the Shelf Christmas tradition to the next level by turning his own 4-month-old baby boy Rockwell into the cutest elf ever. He made up a whole story about his own little elf and started documenting his mischievous adventures on his That Dad Blog. Lawrence’s wife helped him by making Rockwell’s costume.



His wife made the costume and he started documenting the elf’s mischievous adventures



The tiny elf has been caught wrapping the Christmas tree in toilet paper



“He’s just a good-natured kid, he’ll be laughing and looking up at me, exactly what we need for the shot”


“It’s almost like he knows what we’re trying to accomplish”



These adorable adventures will keep going up until Christmas, so be sure to get your daily cuteness intake!

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