40 Free High Resolution Denim Textures for Designers

Denim Textures are one of the many different ways to work texture with in design projects. In this collection of 40 free high resolution denim textures for you. Make use of these high quality textures in your next designs.


12 High Resolution Denim Textures

Today’s freebie is a set of 12 high-resolution denim textures to add to your collection. Each texture in the set is a whopping 2500px x 1667px so you shouldn’t have too much trouble including them within your designs.


Denim Texture 01


Hi-Res Seamless Denim


Faded Denim Texture


Denim Textures


Denim Texture


htrmiller 2-texture 3148






Denim Texture


Denim Fabric




Fabric Jeans


Texture Denim


Texture Denim


Jeans Texture


Denim Texture Pack


Denim Texture 04


Denim Texture


Denim texture pack


Denim Textures



Denim Texture Pack 2

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